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Urgent Opening for SEO cum SMM Managers [ 60 Positions ]

Job Description :

· Must have fair knowledge in SEO and SMM integration methods.
· Link Building
· Content Marketing
· Off-page SEO on Blogs only
· Competitive keyword identification and optimization
· Strategies to increase online traffic onto the website
· Brand building / Brand impression strategies
· Comment and Blog marketing

Market Intelligence :

· Keep close track of current and potential competitors and their SEO strategies
· Keep in track with the page ranks
· New products and services developed by the competitors

Reporting :

· Managing, debugging, extending & documenting jobs from start to finish
· The documentation and maintenance of Functional Requirements based on business requirement
· Ability to work in a small but rapidly growing firm ; we need an entrepreneurial attitude (Start-up)
· Willing to put in extra hours to meet project deadlines
· Ability to work with the ambitious and demanding Owner- Managers
· Excellent oral & written skills in English
· Ability to think strategically yet tactically; be able to see the big picture and also the small details

Requirements :

(1) Samples of Your Work ;
(2) Details of when you are available to start on the project;
(3) Current CV with contact details and Photograph

Name : 
E Mail Ids : 
Mob No     : 
Facebook   : 
Linkedin   : 
Twitter    :

Location All Over India and Abroad Australia, USA, Canada, UK, NZ, Philippines

About the company :

www.AeroSoft.co.in  is an Aviation Online Branding and Management company with strong base in USA and UK. Only IT SEO organisation in Asia having more then 700 Blogs. We promot only Blogs and Videos

Contact :


Call 09826008899

Sample Work : 


Amazing Art, 
Creative Art, 
Unique Art,
World Famous Art,
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Indian Art,
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Automobile Art,
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best Indore Artist,
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Dubai Art,
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Famous Nail ,
Youth  Artist,
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See Sample Profile 

Aruna Sharma   [ MBA HR ] 
Asst Manager  Human Resources

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Career In Blogging

Top Indian  Bloggers And Their Blogging Income 

Now a Days Blogging is one of the best way to earn money online. 

Many people Blog as a part time Job, but if you are really devoted to Blogging then you can earn money above your expectations. 

Blogging is a good way to earn money from home by sitting few hours in front of your computer.

With time even in Asia Aviation Blogging industry is changing its trend and people are taking Blogging as a Full-time profession and Job. There are many ways you can be an AviationBlogger, you can start with your own Aviation Blog or you can join some Aviation Blogging company and join their Team of Bloggers. Lets not discus How to be an Aviation Blogger but lets see some Advantages and Disadvantages of Aviation Blogging. (Full-time).

Being  an Aviation Blogger is one of the easiest way to earn money from Home and you can learn on How  to makes money.
Most of the Aviation Bloggers you know must be an part-time Aviation Blogger and there are huge different between work of a part-time and full-time Aviation Blogger. For a Professional Aviation Blogger, an Aviation Blog is his bread and butter and only source of income. Where as for a part time Aviation Blogger, Aviation Blogging is a part time activity and reason could be many thing including money, fame or just Passion.
Full time Aviation Blogging is becoming a trend these days . But not every time it is beneficial to leave Job to become a full time geek. Some people struggle a lot by leaving their day Job and choosing full time Aviation Blogging as a career. They don’t realize the basic needs of full time Aviation Blogging.
Aviation Blogging takes time before it starts making money for you, so don’t just jump into field of Aviation Blogging from day one. The initial period is full of hard-work, dedication and some times frustration. So it is highly advised that don’t leave your day Job before making good amount of money from your Aviation Blogs. Or you should collect backup money of at least 4 to 6 months if you are starting a new business. Aviation Blogging is a well planned profession and a business, so you need to have a perfect Aviation Blogging Business Plan [ABBP ] 
to make most out of your professional career.

Top Advantages of Aviation Blogging

Being a professional Aviation Blogger, I know there are many Advantages of Aviation Blogging We are outlining some of the real pros I can think of Aviation Blogging and why you should start Aviation Blogging right away. Most of my point is into the context of Professional Aviation Blogging, but if you are a part-time Aviation Blogger, you can easily connect yourself to these points and Advantages.

More Time

Unlike any other Job, if you are Blogging from home, You don’t need to work from 10  - 6 Job types, You can work at any time of the day and work with your ease. 
Once you move from part-time to full time, you can devote more time. Though, before you join the wagon of Professional Aviation Bloggers, I would suggest consider all the aspects. You are your own boss. You are free to do anything. You can plan your work and easily work on it. 

No physical Boundaries at all.

More Energy

Remember those days when you return from your office and start writing articles for your Blog. It was a tough time for you because you work without energy. Your boss used to suck all your energy in office work. So you preferred to sleep instead of working enthusiastically.

Asian Aviation Blog Revenue

Personally when you see Tariff of an Asian Aviation Blog is much lower then 
USA or UK  Aviation Blog Revenues. 

Concentration on Work

No one is here to give you orders. You can do your work freely. You can easily concentrate on your work and you can write more number of post daily. You can do your work in organized way. Everything becomes so simple, either focusing on work or criticizing our own work.

Easily find Clients

If you are providing services such as Aviation Blog designing, Aviation Blog consultancy or any other Aviation Business Services through your Aviation Blog then you can be available all the time for them. You can give more and more time to your clients and also you get more time for finding new clients. No Time Limit. No Frustrations.

Increase Aviation Blog Revenue

All the points  mentioned above leads to increment of Blog revenue. You can easily surpass your salary. If you are lucky enough you can get more and more work. You can earn two or three times more than your day Job salary.  Though you should think, if you can really spend 10- 15 Hours a day online on PC or Smart Phones. 

DisAdvantages of Aviation Blogging full-time 

Society and Friends 
Blogging requires lot of help from Society and Friends which is very difficult in India. In India Blogging is consider as Crime in most of the Cases.  
Most of the Bloggers plan to work day and night while moving from day Job to full time Blogging but our Society and Friends will not understand you. The reason behind this is freedom and plenty of time in life to enjoy every moment of this opportunity. In India Society and Friends believe that if you do not go to Office and Work Hard you are not working at All. 

You feel Alone
This is a common problem among full time Blogger. They feel alone. They miss their earlier partners. They even miss those people who create problems during work. It is a very bitter truth of Blogging. You have to work alone till you struggle hard and find new opportunity to expand your work. Sometimes this lead to big frustration, even if you planning to full time Blogging, select a partner and get a room or small office and work together. Since you will be your own boss but you will be giving discipline towards your online Job.
Make sure you maintain a decent balance between social and internet life. Talking to friends on Facebook or IM is not considered as socializing. You should go out and meet friends and be a part of family. Honestly, I find it hard to do at times because 4 year is big time to change my day-to-day tasks. I like to get everything done online that includes paying bills and shopping. But, if you manage good balance between social and professional Life, you can always move ahead to next level.

Economy Condition

I know many Bloggers who struggle with their full time Blogging. They love Blogging but they don’t have a fix source of income. Some choose freelance writing Job for earning money and few choose to depend on their parents to fulfill the need of money.

No work while you are ill

We are human and every human gets ill. This is tough time for those Blogger who work alone. They don’t get time to update their Blog and it ultimately results in loss of Blog income and traffic. Their is no best solution of this problem. You can either request to your friends to update your Blog or you can hire any professional writer to work for you in your bad time.

Self Discipline
Blogging requires lot of Self discipline. Most of the Bloggers plan to work day and night while moving from day Job to full time Blogging. But very few of them maintain a discipline in life. The reason behind this is freedom and plenty of time in life to enjoy every moment of this opportunity.

Attitude and learning:

Blogging is all about being social. You need to answer to people queries and for that reading should be a part of day to day tasks.  You need to have some basic skills like SEO, good writing, Soft skills to become an A list Blogger.
These are the Advantages and disAdvantages of Blogging. Are you a full time Blogger ? Have you faced any of the above mentioned factors

1. Name: Amit Agarwal                     
    Blog: labnol.org
    Alexa : 2400 [ India 345]
    Estimated Revenue: $35000 a Month
    Page Rank: 6 / 10
    Registered: 2006

2. Name: Amit Bhawani                                                              
    Blog: amitbhawani.com
    Alexa : 3400 [ India 567 ]
    Estimated Revenue: $16,000 / Month
    Page Rank: 5 / 10
    Registered: 2007

3. Name : Harsh Agarwal
    Blog: A1SoftSoHo.com
    Alexa : 3,800 [609]
    Estimated Revenue: $10, 000 / Month
    Page Rank: 4 / 10
    Registered: 2008

4. Name: Raju PP 
    Blog: techpp.com 
    Alexa : 16,000 [3,900]
    Estimated Revenue: $8,000 / Month
    Page Rank: 3 / 10 
    Registered: 2008

5. Name: Capt Shekhar Gupta                        
       Blog:  shekharaerosoft.Blogspot.com 
       Alexa : 98,000 
       Estimated Revenue: $ 2000 / Month
       Page Rank:    2 / 10 
       Registered: 2012

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