Thursday, 2 January 2014

Link Building

Link Building :

Link building is a process of getting content specific links for a website from trusted and secures websites and vice versa. This process not only helps in increasing traffic for the website, but also helps in gaining popularity as well as higher ranking in search engine directories.

You have 5 Links as follows





Here are the types of Link Building :

- One-Way join - In this type of Linkup Building, join takes place in a single way only. It means when a join is supplied from website A to website B, then B does not have to return back any links to A. It is also called Inbound Link Building.

- Two-Way Link - In this type of Link Building, join of websites, that are mostly similar or familiar in content, are exchanged between two trusted websites who shares the same business interest with an aim of increase website traffic and join popularity. It is also known as Reciprocal Linkup Building.

- Three-Way Link - This is basically a type of Two-Way join Building, but with a twist. Here link is exchanged between two owners, one of who owns two different websites.



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