Thursday, 24 October 2013

Press Releases


Press releases—are brief, printed statements which are newsworthy items that can be issued to the media. The purpose of making a press release is to promote something significant and something which is worth posting like radical changes,new happenings etc. Press releases are commonly used in public relations(PR). A press release can provide media sources,the basics needed to develop a news story.
Many businesses have made several releases to promote their business appearances online via direct readership publicity although it still cannot be thought of as a guaranteed marketing tool because it is only directed to promoting their product. Sometimes ignored by media you could be the one fortunate to be picked by a blogger or by those who want to share it on their social network and in-turn make you popular online. So also, it might provide impetus for a new story.

The following sites are some of the popular and top press releasing submission sites- 

Tips on how to write a press release:

1. Press release headlines should always be brief, to the point and eye catchy. The heading should be written in bold letters with the first letter capitalized.

2. Get the basic structure down. The body should be made compact. The language should be simple and there should be no repetition. Make sure it has no grammatical mistakes. 

3. Mention about your company in 5 to 6 lines. Put up your company’s complete URL without any embedding so that the link gets printed as it is.

4. Make use of actual facts. Soderberg explains that a well-written news release should include "five Ws and one H": who, what, when, where, why, and how.

5. Provide useful links to support your press release. This comes back with rewards.

6. Make sure what you write appeals to the targeted audience.Do not deviate from the subject. Finally one should be able to comprehend what you want to say.

7. Add your contact information. It should include your company’s official name, website address, email address, phone numbers etc.

8. Rest, keep writing, experience will teach you.  


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